Monday, January 28, 2013



Mostly whiling away the best years of our lives in front of the glowy haze of a demanding compiler. The crew and I took a few hours off yesterday to celebrate my birthday and to watch Les Miserable. It was AWESOME. I choked back man-tears while singing along. The rest of the last 2 months have been spent on Cloudberry. We can't say everything just yet, but it's taken 100 gibajillion times more work than expected, and will hopefully let everyone play Cloudberry on their preferred DON'T READ THIS  IT'S CENSORED of choice. Pretty exciting.

We've also gotten all our ducks lined up to get the game sold in Europe, South America, and Asia! (You too Australia!). Turns out international business regulations are ridiculous, but hopefully totally worth it. We've been working on all sorts of different localizations. Here's what Cloudberry looks like in Japanese!

Was I too lazy to crop that image, or was I trying to give you a cryptic glimpse into what the developer's world looks like? I'm too lazy to say for sure.

Anyway! Exciting temporary news for now: we've got French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian up and running in the beta, along with some nice polish. There's also Chinese and Korean, but currently those translation we're done by a robot and suck major  YOU REALLY WANT TO READ SOMETHING DIRTY, HUH? But we're working on them, because I'll be damned if we don't get this game into the hands of some gosu Korean h4kz0r wizards.

If you speak one of the languages we support you can switch to it in the options menu on the title page. Apologies in advance for any swear words or grotesque abuses of grammar. I don't speak Japanese and can't really verify anything our translators give us. If you see a word that looks like it could use a change, let us know. Feedback is awesome.