Saturday, August 25, 2012

Podcast interview with Nintendo Okie!

I swear we're hard at work and not just shooting the breeze with every podcaster that crosses our path. Nonetheless, uh... well, here's us shooting the breeze with the awesome podcast guys over at Nintendo Okie:

Despite the hefty 40 minute length of the interview, we really didn't talk that much about Cloudberry. It turns out we're horrible at self promotion and instead just like talking about nachos and incest scenes in Back to the Future. If I had a DeLorean I would go back in time and deliver a finished Cloudberry to a nascent Pwnee Studios, along with a giant platter of Velveeta nachos, before committing incest on myself. That counts as incest right? (Disclaimer: Velveeta is disgusting)

P.S.: We also appeared on their quiz show segment Question Block, where we surprisingly subdued and dominated some tasty Warcraft 3 trivia questions. I've never won at trivia before!

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  1. it's incest, it's gay, AND it's masturbation all at once.