Thursday, April 18, 2013


Beard Date 538183235

All console versions are done and submitted, ready for testing by Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Technically the game isn't done, because those tests (which take about 2 weeks) may come back with bugs that we'll have to fix. Also the Steam version isn't quite done.


Close enough. The Beard of Crunch Time has lived past its usefulness and is ready to be purged.

Now that I have some free time I don't really know what to do with myself. It makes me... strangely happy and uncomfortable.

Onward to the next Crunch Time!

(PS: Yes, that is Dark Souls in the background. I still haven't beat it, but I will not yet concede that it is harder than Cloudberry. MUCH MORE FRUSTRATING THOUGH. GARRRGGGHH)


  1. Looks like everything is going by faster than I would have expected it to.

    It certainly won't be long until the public is able to officially enjoy this game as well as throw fistfuls of money your way :)

    It also reminds me that I need to get going on my idea for a short video of sorts so that more people know about this. I know that I have another Miiverse drawing besides the one that you guys have, but extending my reach beyond Miiverse can only help more in the end.

  2. Ok, it's been over two weeks. Have the big three gotten back to you yet? Any issues? I can't wait much longer!!!

    1. We've cleared Xbox and Nintendo certification, and are just waiting on Sony now =D

      We actually had to resubmit on Xbox. There was a bug in the first version that caused some error messages to have missing characters when playing in Chinese =X Everything is good now though!

      Also, we're wrapping up Steam, and should have the final major beta update this week. Global leaderboards!

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  3. Glad to hear that 2 of the 3 final hurdles are out of the way. What's taking Sony so long though?

    1. We're really bad at filling out Sony paperwork =(

  4. ... Any news?

    I've got my eShop all ready to go. Give me the word and my money is yours!